Key considerations for testing Brand Attention

About the Brand Attention Score

During the beta, the platform will only test brand attention for text-based brands. Take a look at the example below of a LancĂ´me ad. Here, Junbi has successfully detected the brand text and is highlighted with a blue bounding box around the area that has been detected as the brand. 

In terms of brand attention, to get a better score you simply need to ensure that your brand is noticed. You can do this by making the logo clear and a central point of attention in the video (as seen in the example above). Remember to make your brand clear to the viewer and use a colour that has a high contrast with the background.

As we have found from our neuroscientific research with parent company Alpha.One, branding is remembered better by the viewer when shown at the beginning and at the end of the ad. Therefore, your overall brand attention score will place a greater weight on the first 5 seconds and the last 2 seconds of the ad. 

Check out the video below to learn more about the Junbi Brand Attention score:

Testing different types of brand logos

In the beta, iconic logos (e.g. Apple, Toyota, Nike 'swoosh') will not be detected and will return a value of '0' for the brand attention score. 

If your logo is text-based, but the text is partially obstructed or unclear - this may also cause some issues with text detection. For example - the 'GRAINGER' text below will likely not be detected, and the 'NB' in the new balance logo will not be detected, as the 'N' is unclear.

The text detection will also not work on '&' symbols, for example, Ben & Jerry's or AT&T. However, in this case, we suggest you leave a space where the '&' is, and the logo detection will still pick up the rest of your brand. So 'AT&T' would become 'AT T'.

How can you improve your Brand Attention score?

To learn how you can improve your brand attention score, take a look at this video:

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