Key considerations for Ad Breakthrough

Ad breakthrough is the measure of how much attention your ad receives, relative to its surroundings on YouTube.

To calculate your ad breakthrough score, Junbi will take the ad you upload and place it in a variety of different YouTube 'contexts'. The type of context it is placed in depends on which video player mode you selected when uploading your ad, as the video player mode will change the user interface of YouTube and therefore requires a different context to be tested in.

The example below shows a single frame of how an ad would be tested in the Desktop video player mode context. The area within the red dotted line is the area that will have the attention measured relative to its surroundings.

To learn more about Ad breakthrough, take a look at this video from our Scientific Director, Ingrid Niuewenhuis:

How can you improve your ad breakthrough?

Essentially, ad breakthrough is the measure of how good your ad is at grabbing people's attention. This can be done in many ways, but some general best practices are:

  • Use faces; we are naturally inclined as humans to notice faces and they will draw attention
  • Create clear focus points, guide the attention towards one clear thing in the middle of the screen
  • Use large, clear text with plenty of contrast to the background

Below is an still frame taken from an ad which received a very high ad breakthrough score. Here, they have guided the viewer's attention towards one clear focus point (the bottle). Additionally, the background has been blurred out to ensure that there is no visual 'clutter' surrounding the object to distract from the main focus point.

To learn more about how to improve your Ad Breakthrough score, take a look at the following video from our Scientific Director, Ingrid Niuewenhuis:

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