How can I improve my overall score?

So you've received a score that isn't the best on, what do you do next to improve your next result?

First, it's important to remember that the overall prediction score is the normalised average score of the effectiveness drivers (the scores you see in the circles). This score is also dependent on the Ad Type and Video Player Mode that you select for your prediction.

Check your prediction settings

Before you dive into the metrics, make sure you check that you have used the correct test settings. This is particularly important for Ad Type and Video player mode, as these settings will determine the way your benchmark result is generated. If, for example, you have created a bumper ad but selected 'non skippable', your bumper ad will be benchmarked against a set of non-skippable ads, which would not provide an accurate representation of how well your ad has performed against a relevant benchmark.

Look at the effectiveness drivers

If you are sure you have the correct settings, you can take a look at the scores you received for each 'effectiveness driver'. Simply take a look at the chart and see at which moments in the ad you receive a better/worse score. This will be your best indicator as to what needs improvement.

Cognitive ease

To get a good cognitive ease score, you should aim to create an ad that is not visually 'difficult' to process. This means that there should not be too many competing areas of visual attention, and abrupt and/or constant scene changes.

A good example of cognitive ease is shown below: The product is shown by itself with one clear focus point in the centre of the screen, making it easy for the viewer to know where to direct their attention.

A poor example of cognitive ease is shown here, where the woman is not  the clear focus point for the viewer and the atten

tion is drawn away by the phone and background scenery.

Brand attention

Brand attention is simply a measure of how much attention is on your brand. In terms of brand attention, to get a better score you simply need to ensure that your brand is noticed. You can do this by making the logo clear and a central point of attention in the video.

Here is a good example of brand attention:

Compared with a poor example:

Ad breakthrough

Essentially, ad breakthrough is the measure of how good your ad is at grabbing people's attention. This can be achieved in many ways, but some general best practices are:

  • Use faces; we are naturally inclined as humans to notice faces and they will draw attention
  • Create clear focus points, guide the attention towards one clear thing in the middle of the screen
  • Use large, clear text with plenty of contrast to the background

A good example of ad breakthrough is shown below, with bright colours and clear focus points.

Compared with a poor example, which does not have clear focus points and does not make use of bright, contrasting colours.

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